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Heritage South India



Tour days : 8-10 days

Tour Pace : Medium

Best time of travel : October - March

Optional Detours

   Coffee Plantation on the Coorg Hills


* This tour can be arranged based on your interest, time, and budget


Itinerary Suggestion

Chennai - Tamil Nadu State- visit Marina beach the 2nd longest beach in the world and the British period buildings. Shop in the city known for its traditional dress and fine jewelry. Best ye, take a half day yacht trip off the Bay of Bengal

Day trips include: the incredible 7th century carvings at the Shore temple, a UNESCO heritage site, Mamallapuram

Kanchipuram- the city of Thousand Temples,to enthrall in the intricate,vibrant and colorful fabrics woven by the local silk weavers. Trek the Chenji fort and learn about the Rajput/Mogul rulers in southern India

Mysore - Karnataka-  Explore the lifestyle of the Kings of Mysore at Mysore Palace and the famous Brindavan gardens adjoining the Krishnarajasagar Dam built across the Kaveri river

Our best suggestion to enjoy the nature, near Mysore by relaxing at a Coorg coffee estate, enjoying the Western Ghat Mountains, a UNESCO natural heritage site. 

South India Back Waters & Beaches



Itinerary Suggestion

This trip is all about the lazy life. Rent a eco friendly house boat and travel from Kollam to Alleppey / Kumarakom, spending the days learning about village life along the way. Learn to catch and cook your own fish, the Kerala way. Stay at a Dutch palace, and visit local tourist sites. Just take a break and enjoy the good life!

Tour days : 8-10 days

Tour Pace : Slow

Best time of travel : October - March


* This tour can be arranged based on your interest, time, and budget  

Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat

Exclusive Retreat, Focusing on the Self


Tour days : 15 days

Tour Pace : Medium

Best time of travel : April - September 


* This tour can be arranged based on your interest, time, and budget


Itinerary Suggestion

Unwind and take care of yourself at a peaceful beach or palmgrove resort. Use yoga and Ayurveda (traditional herbal treatments) to rejuvenate yourself. Some of the activity ideas for this retreat are,

  • Daily Private Yoga Sessions
  • Connect with like-minded individuals
  • Check with an in-house Ayurveda doctor and learn about Ayurveda treatments
  • massage session with the in-house trained massage therapist.
  • Walk around the neighborhood, meet the locales and learn about their daily life style
  • If it strikes your fancy, visit nearby attractions
  • All trip Activities will be tailored to your goals for this trip

India West Coast



Tour days : 10 - 12  days

Tour Pace : Medium

Best time of travel : November - February


* This tour can be arranged based on your interest, time, and budget

Itinerary Suggestion

Mumbai - Known as the mixing bowl of Indian culture, here you'll visit Bollywood movie studios, Slumdog Millionaire movie locations like Dobi khana -Laundry men quarters, take part is some of the best cuisines and beaches in India

Goa - Important trade center of India, a beach resort haven; Have a relaxed days after your international travel and busy sight seeing in Mumbai; 

Aurangabad - After the relaxation at Goan beaches and nice sea food experiences, move inland to marvel at the 3 CE sculptures and paintings at Ajanta & Ellora , UNESCO heritage sites

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Vibrant Golden Triangle


Delhi - Agra - Jaipur 

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Diwali, Navratri, Holi, Harvest

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Hikes in the Wilderness of India, hill stations, coffee and tea estates, waterfall baths

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